The SNES version enter in Alpha State, that is, we already have a considerably complete version, but with some bugs.


Check out the first official trailer for the project that shows off some brand new footage not seen in the DEMO:


Here the ROM of the project with the first minutes of the game:

What is Mysterious Song game?

It is an RPG-style game released in the 2000s by Darkness Ethereal for DOS as freeware that came with its source code written in QuickBASIC. Later in 2005, the title was ported to TurboGrafx-CD by homebrew developer Frozen Utopia.

Will a SNES/Genesis version be developed?

I'm not really a game programmer, but I've always been passionate about 8/16-bit consoles. Taking advantage of the knowledge I already have in programming, I started to explore the world of development as a hobby. Along the way, I found out about this version for TurboGrafx-CD through PIKO INTERACTIVE, who kindly sent me the source code, unfortunately, I was unable to take advantage of it due to architecture issues.

I used as a base an engine that I already have (FaelRpgEgine) and adapted it through the sprites and tiles that I had in the original source code that I cited to replicate it on both platforms.

Did You Create It All Yourself?

No! As I said above, it is a port, that is, all content was originally created by Darkness Ethereal. Frozen Utopia used this version as the basis for its TurboGrafx-CD version, and I used the Frozen version as the basis for creating mine on the SNES/Genesis. In development I had a huge job to export all the graphic content, I practically redid everything manually, animation of the spirtes, dialog box and assembly of the levels so that it could be used on the SNES. None of the previous mechanics were used and almost everything was created from scratch, and on purpose, as I wanted to have experience to use in future projects. I would also like to thank the excellent work of the composer and programmer Kung Furby in converting the original soundtrack to the SNES audio CHIP, after all his work managed to leave the same as the TurboGrafx-CD.

Is the Project Complete?

Since I received the project from PIKO INTERACTIVE I had been working hard, however several personal problems made me stop several times, not to mention that anyone who programs for these types of consoles knows how complex and tedious it is, given that, alone, without the help of third parties directly, without documentation and still in an infernal language, you have to really enjoy doing this, as it is not an easy task.

Is a Genesis version being developed?

That's right! Remember I mentioned that I was porting the game through another engine that I was already developing? So, in my tests, the engine worked on both consoles. So, for sure, there will also be a version for the Sega Genesis.

Mysterious Song: SNES Development Progress

BUILD 20231125 - Alpha State
SHOP 98%



-> Implement time passing system (DAY, NIGHT, SUN, RAIN);


-> Add scrollbar;

-> Add icons;

-> In MENU and BATTLES show icons on avatar when equipped;

-> Add icons;

-> Implement poisoning;

-> Check if slot item full;

-> Discard item;

XX/12/2023 - Revision of Levels - Fawna





XX/12/2023 - Revision of Levels - Toren






-> Fixed animation for turning towards KING ALGAMETH VI.

-> Activating routine to enter the hotel, with space reserved for save.


-> Fixed position for found Tiger.

-> Routine for add Tiger in team fixed.


-> Menu: Some Fixeds.

-> Menu: Do not allow to run MAGIC without balance.

-> Battle: Fixed Experience only for living heroes.

-> Level Battle: New values ​​for enemy difficulty.


-> Level: Fixed collision routines.

-> Level Toren: Fixed some events routines.


-> Menu: Fixed to do not allow entry when there is no item in inventory.

-> Level: Removing debug mode.

-> Level Toren: Fixed some scripts and dialog boxes.

-> Shop: Fixed purchases when there is no balance.

-> Shop: Fixed to do not allow to sell something when there is no item in inventory.


-> Determining default values (SCRIPT POSITION, HP, MP, GOLD).

-> Start script in Toren L1 only with Spear.

-> Checking routine to force the player not to leave the castle until they talk to the king.


-> Shop: Fixed and optimized routines.

-> Shop: Fixed return to initial level routine (only cities).

-> Menu: More optimized.

-> Menu: Fixed return to initial level routine (all levels).


-> Levels: Fixed graphics of Fawna Levels.

-> Levels: Fixed routine of sprites and backgrounds colision.

25/11/2023 - Resuming Development

-> Development Environment: Removed use of python library for native OS!

-> Battles: Clearing screen before displaying victory summary.

-> Battles: Solved problem loading Grimm sprite recompiling all sprites.

-> Battles: Testing all sprites.

-> Battles: Fix NULL enemys.


-> New algorithm for the internal clock. Perfect!

-> Fix values for update: LV, HP, MP, EXP.


-> I'm revisiting the code in search of possible optimizations. I realized that it is possible to use only 1 byte (8 bits) of memory in certain cases instead of 2 bytes (16 bits) as is used in most cases.

04/07/2023 - MENU

-> Fixed events of MAGICS.

-> Fixed FXSOUNDS effetcs.

27/06/2023 - BATTLE

-> Fixed size of sentences.

-> Implemented magic animation that hits all heroes at once.

26/06/2023 - BATTLE

-> New improvements to the navigation menu.

22/06/2023 - BATTLE

-> First cutscene voices now with high quality audio.

21/06/2023 - BATTLE

-> Used last version of the sound library used in PVSNESLIB. Thanks to Alekmaul for your fantastic job.

-> Fixed FXSOUNDS effetcs.

20/06/2023 - BATTLE

-> Fixed engine after the crash.

-> Removed unnecessary allocated memory.

-> Improved menu navigation, now each step can be resumed to its previous state...

17/06/2023 - BATTLE

-> OPSSSSSSSSSSS! Crash the engine hahahaha. No more working with it this weekend, in the next repair it.

14/06/2023 - BATTLE and MENU

-> Adjustment to event fate, for exemple: if use REVIVE, only allows choosing dead hero.

-> Adjustment to don't permit select to destination event (ITEMs and MAGICs) if dead.

-> In BATTLE now shows the name on the hero or enemy targeted with during its run event (ATTACKs and MAGICs).

-> Many optmizations.

13/06/2023 - BATTLE and MENU

-> Fixed total item in BATTLE.

-> Adjustment to don't show avatar of hero's dead.

-> Shows the revived hero's avatar.

-> Adding label and preparing routine to show hero information.

12/06/2023 - BATTLE and MENU

-> Many, many and many optmizations.

-> Fixed in BATTLE animation sprite in some bug moments.

-> Fixed in BATTLE browse the MAGIC slot to Ryanna.

09/06/2023 - BATTLE and MENU

-> Some optmizations.

-> Fixed some events.

05/06/2023 - BATTLE

-> Now you can run away from the battle.

-> Fixed insufficient MP warning.

02/06/2023 - BATTLE

-> More optmizations.

-> fixing a ATTACK, MAGIC and ITEM execution algorithm.

01/06/2023 - BATTLE

-> More optmizations.

-> Corrected MAGIC execution algorithm, now heros and enemies use different roles.

-> Added all enemy sprites present in original game.

-> Added all effects sprites present in original game.

31/05/2023 - SHOP

-> 98% complete.

-> Algorithm for events completed.

31/05/2023 - BATTLE and MENU

-> Adjuste Algorithm to use and reorganize item in inventory.

30/05/2023 - SHOP

-> 85% complete.

-> Algorithm for browsing the shop completed. Next step, create the events.

29/05/2023 - SHOP

-> Studying and correcting every algorithm.

28/05/2023 - BATTLE

-> 90% complete.

26/05/2023 - BATTLE AND MENU

-> Some Optimizations.

25/05/2023 - BATTLE

-> Adjusted vblank sync: now there is more fluidity during navigation.

-> Now when selecting the SLOT returns its more detailed action (Selected Spear, Execute Attack, Use Posion to cure, and more ).

-> Adjusted browsing for items and magics that now shows their description and does not show empty items.

23/05/2023 - BATTLE

-> Studying and correcting every algorithm I made 4 years ago after the battles because a lot of things weren't working correctly.

-> Trying to make routines faster.

22/05/2023 - BATTLE

-> Improving algorithm for all event actions (ATTACK, ITEM, MAGIC).

19/05/2023 - BATTLE

-> Adjusting events values.

18/05/2023 - MENU

-> 98% complete.

-> Don't show empty slots.

-> Disallow browsing empty slots.

16/05/2023 - MENU

-> Events for itens and magics create.

-> Events to equip the heros created.

12/05/2023 - MENU

-> Creating events for magics.

-> Optimizing some codes in a single called cleanConsoleScreen and writeTextLineForMenu.

-> Optimizing similar codes for "menuExecuteEven..."

11/05/2023 - MENU

-> Algorithm almost complete (80%), all menu navigation is fully functional. Now create the execution events according to the selected type and slot.

03/05/2023 - MENU

-> Resume write the new algorithm.


-> Resuming projects.


-> Pause projects for personal preparation of a scholarship.

27/02/2023 - MENU

-> Starting to write the new algorithm.

-> Optimized subroutines navigation by replacing loops with fixed routines;

23/02/2023 - MENU

-> Rewriting engine for navigations because I didn't like how I did it before;

-> Studying previous code;

-> Prepared events for magics (how is execute in battles);


-> Pause works for Carnaval;

15/02/2023 - MENU

-> Adjustment in the increTimer subroutine for synchronization of the system clock as in the real world;

-> Optimization in the menuUpdateValueTime subroutine and adjustment for displaying the time with the H:MM:SS mask;

-> Optimized initVarsAndGraphicsForMenu subroutine by replacing loops with fixed routines;


-> DEMO and project trailer made available;


-> Level Toren: adjustment in the dialog box in some texts and correction of the correct music attribute in the level;


-> Level Toren: correcting non-functional positions, animations and collisions;


-> Migrating previous code to my new development platform;


-> Initiating legal procedures for marketing rights;

-> Resuming project development;